Press Release - Morte Gras


Press Release: "Morte Gras"

"MORTE GRAS" is a sort of dark "Mardi Gras," which is a huge celebration at New Orleans (in RL).  The one at Haunted Nawlins (in SL) is grand, fun, wild... and interspersed with Dark Humor, Magick, and the (un)Dead.

Morte Gras spins a celebration of life and death, parties and wakes.  Rather than being morbid or sad, it offers instead a grand festival--a throbbing, fierce juxtaposition of paint and glitter splashed across shadow!

Morte Gras is both a sim-size Festival and a grid-wide Hunt.  Both start at the center of FLOX sim.  For the Hunt, visitors seek out a particular set of beads nearby.  Once they find those, they can hop to the next location in another sim.

In contrast, the Morte Gras Festival takes place throughout FLOX sim, in the Haunted Nawlins build.  Haunted Nawlins is a depiction of New Orleans from the early 1900s.  It shimmers with local color and fun.  There are decrepit and beautiful buildings in the Garden District, lovely haunted shops in the French Quarter, a Rougarou beast in the Bayou, a Voodoo Queen in the shadows, and a feast of Cajun food and music for all to enjoy!

Sponsors for this event are ~Lantian/Flox~ and Morrigan's Magick.  Participating vendors include: Tea Lane, Impertinences, Kim's Kreations, SECOND NATURE, le glamouriste, +Inner Mantra+, All Things Beautiful, Dalrymple Designs, **DSO**, {archduchess}, Tranquility, Grasshopper St., Shaman's Hhut, and more!  They offer a wide range of top-quality decor, clothing, jewelry, furniture, and full perm items for your shopping enjoyment.

There will be games, DJs, dancing, food, parades with floats, and yes *lots* of beads!  If you wear a special game-HUD you can get points for catching the beads and similar Mardi Gras collectibles.  You can get a Free or Deluxe version of the game-HUD at the arrival building.


    * Primary Contact and Builder:
       Wyvern Dryke 􀀀 (email:

    * Organizer: Morrigan Ethaniel


    * 11-28 February 2023
    * Also, the Haunted Nawlins build is permanent, and will be re-used for future events.


    * All of Mieville Flox:



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